Have you ever had the sensation that you were breathing for the first time? You realize you can hear better, see clearer, and feel the closeness of God like you’ve never experienced it before.

This happened to me when I was walking down a sidewalk in the heart of a Colorado Springs YWAM location. We were visiting friends on staff at the time and had invited us to stay as we vacationed in the mountains of Colorado.

We were coming off a time where the Holy Spirit was pressing us to examine what was important to us and where He might be calling us to in our next phase of life. It was a stressful tango, but it prepared us for what was coming next.

One minute I was walking along looking down at the sidewalk and the next I was standing still looking around and being aware that it was a sacred moment. I had the sensation that I was breathing for the first time. I knew this atmosphere was where I belonged.

As we talked to the missionaries that lived there and others on furlough from other countries, I got a longing in my heart to do what they were doing.  Five crazy months later, we were training to do exactly that in Colorado Springs. I talk about those months in Voice of Hope.

Was it all bells and whistles, heck no! I’d remember how it felt to know I was exactly where I belonged. That memory helped me get through some very hard, stressful times.

I believe that it benefited me dealing with these times of impending trauma by helping me focus on God instead of all that came with picking up and leaving our home, family, friends, and business. Knowing He had a plan for us enabled me to trust Him in times of questioning and doubt and it helped me through. Then, trauma wasn’t able to embed lies into my heart.

Now years later and in my mission field of Austin, TX, I still get those moments when I know I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. Times when I’m praying with friends, climbing stairs in the Capitol, prayer walking at the University of Texas, loving my new Chinese friends, and playing with my precious family. I am so grateful for the wake up call I received as I walked down a sidewalk in the mountains of Colorado.

The feeling of breathing for the first time comes in many shapes and forms. You don’t have to be a missionary in a foreign country. It may be here in the Seven Spheres of Influence in your own country.  Maybe, it’s being a doctor that heals, a waitress that serves, a preschool teacher that loves, or a politician with a heart for truth.

Whatever it is, I encourage you to find it and nurture it. You won’t regret it and it may change your life as it has mine.

Are you longing to be in a place that you know you were born to be in? Does your heart long for something more? He has the answers, cry out to Him and He will answer you.