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Lessons Learned From Blanket to Tango




“What don’t I know that I need to know?” Have you ever asked yourself that question? You sense you may be missing something bigger in your life but you don’t know what.   Well, it happened to me and I’m so glad it did! 

The first week of September 2011, I saw a spiritual vision that would transform my life forever. It took place while sitting on a classroom floor in a castle owned by YWAM Herrnhut a mile outside of Herrnhut, Germany.  My husband (Jon) and I were training to start a new Youth With A Mission (YWAM) location in Austin, TX. 

The last two weeks of our two-and-a-half month training, we had the privilege to sit in on a staff development class for a Discipleship Training School. The leaders had asked a couple from another base in Europe to come and help prepare their staff.

I can’t remember the exact instructions the couple gave us. After they asked the Holy Spirit to speak to us, I shut my eyes and “saw” a clear and vivid vision.  In it was the back view of a man and woman walking hand in hand in a meadow. Jon and I went through this meadow every day to get to the castle. I discerned that the two were Jesus and myself.  We were engaged in an intimate conversation.

Suddenly, the scene switched from the peaceful meadow to an intense tango that Jesus and I were passionately absorbed in. It was fierce and with expert movements He led me into intricate, difficult steps.  

Fortunately, I knew what it was like to tango with a professional dancer. Jon and I had taken ballroom dancing for a year at the University of Texas in Austin before traveling to Herrnhut. Our instructor was experienced and with a small turn of his hand he would lead me into another step as we remained close.

Then, I was back in the meadow beside a small brook Jon and I passed over every day.  I lay on a blanket under a big tree with Jesus lounging beside me, feeding me with His hand. He was talking, and I was receiving from Him.  I could not hear what Jesus said, but could tell it gave me great peace and joy.

The scene switched back to us dancing, and it was much more intense than before.  We were covering more ground staying close, as if we were molded together. 

When I came out of the vision, I realized I had just had an encounter that would change my relationship with Jesus forever. It took me several years to recognize my sweet times with Him in the morning were preparing me for the battles and challenges to come.  

This is what this blog is about. The lessons learned From Blanket to Tango.  Are you ready to tango?

Please share any comments or questions you may as we start this adventure together.  


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