Are you weary and heavy laden?  There’s help for that!

I recently read an article that made me angry and sad. Unfortunately, I’ve been reading a lot of those lately.  They’ve been about people who lived a life for others, a good life, and then something bad happened to them or someone close and they gave up. They lost the heart God gave them. Makes me want to cry.

As I was thinking about the article, a cry rose up inside me “Get back up! We need what you have to say and what you carry! Don’t stay down!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m far from perfect. I have mornings that I wake up and drag myself out of bed tired and discouraged. But the good news is I know I have a Redeemer, and He lives!! That’s what keeps me going time and time again.

Galatians 6:9 tells us to not grow weary from doing good, that when we keep going, we will reap a harvest. The clencher is, if we don’t give up. I want to reap a harvest of family, friends, and others that are living a life that is free and whole. But as one of my favorite authors, John Eldridge writes about in Waking the Dead, “we are in a world at war.” That war started in the Garden of Eden.

Do you have desires in your heart that you aren‘t seeing come to pass? I know I do. I can get very discouraged and think things I shouldn’t think and do things I shouldn’t do. But by the grace of God, He talks to me and I hear Him. He leads me to repentance through His kindness, Romans 2:4. I can’t stay down for long with a Father like that!

Most of us experience bad things and can’t seem to recover from them. Many times it’s because of trauma or traumas that have happened to us that we don’t recognize or have no hope to overcome. These traumas lead to shame that causes us to believe things that God isn’t saying about us. They lead us to believe lies like I’m not safe, no one loves me, I’m not smart enough, I don’t measure up, and many others.

That’s why getting into Psalms, Song of Solomon, and the New Testament will teach you about the love God has for us. A love for an abundant, whole life, not for destruction. That’s our God!

There are many articles, books, and blogs out there that will encourage you and help you get back up. There’s one I would like to recommend, Hinds Feet in High Places by Hannah Hurnard.  It’s an allegory about a woman that lives in fear and shame. Through her journey with the Chief Shepherd she’s restored and healed. It’s wonderful!

Our earthly fathers may not be kind. Our earthly mothers may not have nurtured us as God intended. Our friends may not support us when we stumble. But I have experienced over and over and over again, the love and kindness of my Savior.

Have you lost your footing and can’t seem to get back up? I encourage you to reach out and seek help, read the Word of God, ask for His grace and strength to get up and continue the fight. You’re needed for such a time as this!

Please leave a comment if you need help to get back up. Nothing is impossible with God, Matthew 26:9!