I had a sweet experience the other morning. I attended a prayer time at the University of Texas that was very special.  It started early on Labor Day with a group of mixed adults ranging from college age to those in their sixties.  I knew about a third of the group and was delighted to make new friends.
At the end of our time together, we sang several songs thanking God for His presence with us and for the answers to our prayers. We cried out for restoration of His dreams for this beautiful campus and everyone associated with it.

As I left campus, I sought the Holy Spirit on how I was to go home.  I sensed He had an important agenda for me that beautiful morning.

I felt prompted to drive through the neighborhood called Hyde Park which is very close to the UT campus. I called it home my first year in Austin. As I drove down the streets, good memories wafted into my mind of the times I spent walking those streets, loving my time there.

When I swung on to the street where my second apartment stood, the tango began. I pulled over and a wave of grief rolled over me as I remembered what my life had been like back then. Even though I missed living in the area, I was grateful I no longer was the same person who used to walk those streets oblivious to a loving heavenly Father and protector. It was an intense couple of moments, but thankfully His grace quickly took over.

As I made my way down the narrow streets, moving over to let cars pass, I began releasing prayers of restoration and hope for all those living in the freshly renovated homes lining the streets.  Just as these newly residences had been restored and rebuilt, I knew the Holy Spirit could restore and rebuild the hearts and minds those living there and make them brand new. As, He had done for me.

Making my way home, I drove through other areas of Austin that were familiar to me. I cried out for God’s plans and purposes of restoration in those hospitals, restaurants, neighborhoods, and bars. It became a sweet time of seeing Austin through His eyes and it filled me with hope He would restore what the locusts had eaten.

The last area I visited before starting my journey home was the last apartment I lived in as a single woman.  I remembered some dark times there but then I recalled it was in this apartment I began my journey with Jesus.  It filled me with gratitude and hope that just as He restored me to Him there, He could and I prayed would, do it for those living in those walls today.

As I drove through the beautiful countryside and neighborhoods on my way home, I was filled with expectancy and hope that God has a plan to restore all things to Himself and make them new.

Are there areas in your life that need restoring and made new? Did you have any sad memories come over you as you read this? Cry out to Jesus. He will meet You and give you the grace to overcome!