Restoring Shards of Shame

Starting Point of This Journey


Have there been times in your life when you were in the need of something different?  You sensed you were created for something more?

I wrote Restoring Shards of Shame a few years ago when I was in between projects and I felt like there was something more I should be doing in life.  So, I began searching.

I decided on a 40 day boot camp that would help me find the hidden gifts and talents God placed in me by Tamara Lowe.  About halfway through the camp I spoke with one of her experts in an hour long coaching session.

After reading through my profile and asking me questions, he stated that with my age and life experience I had a book in me.  It floored and astonished me.  When we finished the conversation, I sat back to ponder what I just experienced. Three words came to my mind shards of shame.  I knew deep inside me it was a title, of a novel.  It was as simple as that.

After a little time passed, I sat down one morning and started writing.  For the next three hours, words flowed out of me chapter by chapter.  I wrote five chapters and had created seven of the characters.  When I put my pen down I was sore, thirsty, and overwhelmed.  I had just begun a new phase in my life.

The characters in Restoring Shards of Shame are fictional. From trauma in the womb to addictions that drive them to live outside their control, these characters help bring trauma related issues to life and help make them less clinical to understand.

I will go through each chapter of the book to bring more in-depth information on trauma based topics. They’re based on research I’ve done, courses I’ve taken, and my personal struggles. One advantage of being a ‘woman of a certain age’ is that life experience is abundant.

I enjoy sharing healthy approaches to life that can make this journey a satisfying adventure instead of a painful existence.

I believe each of us have experienced some form of trauma in our lifetime from neglect to violence. Many times we’re not able to recognize the damage that’s done. What happened to us has altered our belief system and affects our everyday lives.  It can be very tough to recognize. 

 That’s the purpose for these informational articles. To use the discussion questions at the end of the book to provide more in-depth information. To help you discern what trauma looks like in your life.  

Please take part in this adventure with me by leaving comments on ways you have learned to overcome trauma in your own journey or questions you need clarifying.  Together, we can live a story that is free and whole.



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