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I wrote the book Restoring Shards of Shame a few years ago after finishing a six-month internship program I had developed. I was pooped ready for a something new to do.

I came across a 40 day bootcamp from Tamara Lowe’s Kingdom Builders Academy. The advertisement said it would help me find the hidden gifts and talents God placed in me. Very timely.

Halfway through the bootcamp, I spoke with one of her experts in an hour long coaching session. After reading through my profile and asking me questions, he stated that with my life experience I had a book in me. I was flabbergasted!

When we finished the conversation, I sat back to mull over what I just heard from him. Then, three words came to my mind, shards of shame.  I knew deep inside me it was a title, of a novel.  It was as simple as that.

One morning soon afterwards, I sat down and started writing.  For three hours, words poured out of me chapter by chapter.  I wrote five chapters and created seven of the lead characters.  When I put my pen down, I was sore, thirsty, and grateful.  I’d begun a new phase in my life.

The characters in Restoring Shards of Shame are fictional. They bring trauma related issues to life and make them less clinical to understand. The discussion questions at the end of the book provide opportunities for reflection, individually and in group settings.

I believe each of us have experienced some kind of trauma in our lifetime, from neglect to abuse. What happens in our lives alters our belief system and affects our everyday lives.  It can be very tough to recognize.

That’s the purpose for these informational resource articles. To help discern what trauma looks like and how we can be free of it’s hold to be a catalyst for change.


The Way They Should Go

The Way They Should Go

Does your heart quake in today's world for your children and grandchildren? Are you prepared to teach them the way they should go? In Genesis, Chapter 1, the Bible describes God bringing order to a dark, formless, and void world. I believe this gives us scope for...

Birth Order Does Matter

Birth Order Does Matter

Have you noticed differences in the way your siblings or children tell stories differently than you remember them? Does your sister, brother, or cousin tell a story from childhood that has a different point of view than yours? I am a firm believer our birth order...

Formative Years of a Child’s Life

Formative Years of a Child’s Life

What are the formative years in a child's’ life and what happens in these years? The consensus I have gathered through reading many articles on this subject is that the formative years are from birth to the ages between 4 and 8. I personally believe you should...

Sounds of Violence

Sounds of Violence

In your life, can you identify some sounds of violence that permeated the walls you grew up in? For children, sounds of violence may be parental yelling, police sirens roaring, or alarms that pierce our peace. For others, it might be the overwhelming quietness that...

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