I emailed a friend the morning after Easter Sunday with the last sentence stating that I was worn out. Something prompted my heart to journal about that. Why was I so worn out?

As I looked back at my calendar, I had an awhuh moment. It was because of all I had crammed in to my schedule the previous five days. I had not been mindful of my day-to-day activities. I just went for it!

I was revved up on Monday and stayed that way until I collapsed in my Lazy Boy at five o’clock on Sunday afternoon. I paid the price with a tired, sore and undernourished body.

Part of it had to do with a mold resistance diet I began three weeks before. It took planning and research on what I could and could not eat. The diet is restrictive and required me to be watchful throughout the day of what I was eating so I could stay revved up.

As I looked back at my calendar, I’d filled every day with activities from renewing my passport, visiting an ICE Residential Center for asylum seekers to the US, doing homework for our marriage class, working on bookkeeping responsibilities, writing and editing blogs, and spending time with family and friends.

Then the awhuh moment came. I hadn’t spent enough time on the blanket with my Best Friend. And I was paying for it.

I should have paid more attention to the breakdown I had on Thursday. I tried to send money through Western Union, which I’d never done before. And might never try again!

It was a fiasco, and I ended up being an angry, tearful mess. After two hours and four representatives from all over the world, I couldn’t transfer the funds and was most likely blocked from their site all together. Not my finest hour!

Looking back at what I journaled on Friday morning, I remembered returning to peace and rest through my blanket time with Jesus. My physical body still had to keep going, however.

From that point until Sunday afternoon was great, but hectic. Because I didn’t get enough rest, I paid for it with a stiff body, overactive mind, and weariness. I was not capable of doing anything else until I got the rest and nourishment I needed.

In my next blanket time with Jesus, I looked back and counted the cost of my busyness. Good things came from it, but was it worth the price I paid physically?

What is keeping you from resting body, soul, and spirit? Is it responsibilities, a too full calendar, or not being mindful to guard your rest? Look at Ephesian 3:13. Growing weary is a term that means growing faint or despondent in face of a trial. Leave a comment on how you have faced trials of late and grown weary or worn out? It’s perhaps time for a good rest on the blanket.