Have you been on a quest for truth in your life? Are you confused about all the uproar in the media and wondering what is truth and what is not?

When I looked up truth in the dictionary, I discovered some phrases I found interesting. The fact of the matter, what actually/really happened, a fact or belief accepted as true are some definitions I found. What I thought interesting about this was what we believe to be true skewed by beliefs or traditions we’ve grown up with may have nothing to do with truth.

Religion you trusted can have as much negative influences on you as positive ones depending on how it’s taught or carried out. That the person of Santa Claus was not only fictitious, but was our parents pretending to be him. Don’t know about you, but that was a real crusher for me. Or how about being seduced by someone pretending to love you and being told he/she wanted only the best for you turned out to be a manipulative, selfish liar?

A couple of years ago, I was in a church service, and a man taught that night named Shane Willard who trained by a Messianic Jewish Rabbi. He is a Bible scholar and began teaching us that some ways that Christians have been taught what the Bible says has been misinterpreted. I began listening to his teachings and learned some amazing truths that made me excited about knowing the real Jesus. You can get his teachings on How to Read the Bible on YouTube.com.

In Birth Order Does Matter, I talk about how our birth order can affect how we interpret situations that arise in our early years of development. When hard or traumatic things happen to us when we are young, our reality can become the lies we viewed as truth about ourselves.

One of the biggest lies that I believed about myself as a very young child was that I had to hide who I really was so that no one would see the truth about me. That I didn’t measure up and unworthy, so I convinced everyone that I was someone I wasn’t. The truth was I had accepted a lie that kept me from being all that God had created me to be and I lived with shame for half of my life.

That began changing when I accepted the free gift of righteousness that Jesus paid for me. Through reading the Bible, I learned I couldn’t earn it or pretend that I deserved it because I didn’t. But He saw me worthy of this gift and had a plan for me, according to Jeremiah 33:3.

In my blog Onward through the Smoke in From Blanket to Tango, brings some principles on how to recognize when what you thought was truth was only smoke and mirrors. It will give you some support so can you see what path you’re on and see through the smoke.

Jesus teaches us to come to Him as a little child in Matthew 18:3. The only way you can do that is by faith and trust. His kindness leads us in all truth!

Does being able to walk in the truth make your heart sing? Dive into what the Bible says about truth and it will!