Are you struggling with an area in your life you haven’t been able to get the victory in?  Are you tired of the fight?  Well, there’s good news! 

This morning in my blanket time with Jesus, I had a real encounter with the realization I cannot get freedom without His amazing grace.  I’m so glad I did.

I have been battling discouragement over a relationship I have in my life.  One that is very hard for me and I have to engage with often.  Most of it is because we are polar opposites and have different opinions on almost everything.

Over the years, we have made headway in our relationship, but this morning I came to the place I didn’t know where to go.  I was wrestling with my flesh and discouragement.

Then, I got a text from a new friend that is in a battle for her life.  She escaped from a country that is persecuting and killing her countrymen.  She had to flee in the night, leaving her husband, children, and home.  She travelled nine treacherous months to enter the US to seek asylum.

I talked with her yesterday and she was contending with fear for her family.  I prayed for her and encouraged her to put her trust in Jesus no matter what happens.  This morning she reached out to me and when I asked her how she was doing, she said “Better.  I thank God almighty for His grace.”

Once again I was touched, as I always am, that it is His grace that will help me overcome in this relationship. It is not by my power or might that will give me freedom, but by His Spirit of Grace.

When my husband and I moved into the house we live in now, the Holy Spirit spoke to me I needed to write May Grace Abound, 2nd Corinthians 9:8, on the wall in our kitchen/dining room right off the living room.  So, I wrote it on the wall and my sister, Terri, painted it with beautiful swirling colors.

The Holy Spirit knew I would need that reminder as we headed into a life of living in community as YWAM Austin.  Now, I am reminded of it once again.

I’m not sure why asking for grace tends not to be the first thing I do when I am discouraged.  You would think after years of encountering His grace that gives us victory, I would turn to it immediately.  But for some reason, I forget to call on it.  Now, when I do remember, I am filled with hope and know that He is faithful.

As I write this, I recognize I must make a practice of calling on His Grace every morning in my time with Jesus as I commit my day to Him and submit myself to Him.  He commands the blessing, according to Psalm 33, so I expect that He will bless me with what I need to succeed in this relationship.  I know it’s as important to Him as it is to me.

So from here, I walk expecting this struggle will become a beautiful relationship.  That I will no longer dislike our times together, but look forward to it with joy and hope.

What area in your life are you grappling with? Are there people in your life you consistently struggle with?  Do you long for relief? Call to Him and He will answer you, Jeremiah 33:3. That’s good news!!