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God called my husband, Jon, and our family to travel the world as ambassadors for His love back in the 1990s with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). We’ve traveled to Mexico, Asia, South and Central America, Europe, and around the US.

He invited us to experience His Presence in new avenues and venues, giving us the opportunity to know Him and make Him known to others in places we’d only read about.

Travel educated me in new facets of God’s character and nature as I stepped outside my comfort zone. It challenged me to go beyond my self-imposed limitations to overcome the fear that diversity often brings.

My character, trust, and Christian values grew exponentially as I followed His lead. The Holy Spirit in His goodness and kindness opened doors to experience God in ways my comfortable life in the US couldn’t. Experiencing God’s big wrap-around arms of grace and mercy as I battled fear, self-doubt, fatigue, and lack of finances grew deep levels of trust in me. He revealed His Father’s heart and generous provision time and time again.

So, I wanted to invite you on some journeys I’ve taken and give you a glimpse of how fulfilling following Jesus can be. I’ll share lessons learned along the way and interesting tidbits about how other cultures see Americans. It’s eye-opening, humbling, and sometimes amusing. I’ll also be sharing poems that will help you see what was going on inside of me as I encountered these situations that brought trauma to triumph.

I also want to encourage you to join with Him in your own backyard. People from all over the world are in our towns and cities you can engage with. And as you do, He will release in you a love for others like you’ve never experienced. It’s so worth it!

Byways of Berlin

Byways of Berlin

With no evident signs of Nazism, we disembarked at our downtown bus stop as quickly as possible. Chaos engulfed us as we circled our bright red, purple, and giraffe print luggage. I wanted to hide as Berliners walked by, smirking. Overwhelm threatened to take over as...

Arriving in Berlin

Arriving in Berlin

Berlin. At last! Long layovers and twenty-four hours of travel left me hungry, dirty, and bone-tired. Raising my eyes to Heaven, I took a deep breath, exhaled slowly, and relaxed. Profoundly grateful there were no more airports in my foreseeable future. Because my...

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